San Diego Catering by Bekker的餐饮

服务 and 地方设置

All full service catered menus include neutral colored biodegradable 3 compartment plates, matching flatware and large paper dinner napkins.

利记app官网首页 are served buffet style, including floor length buffet 床单 in your choice of colors and themed decor.

Plated dinner service also available.

Service style may be upgraded with Hard Plastic, 棕榈叶, 玻璃或瓷盘, 餐具, 亚麻布餐巾, 客桌亚麻布, 额外的服务器, 等.,视情况而定.

Let our experienced party planners help you decide what is appropriate for your event.

  • 中国的服务

    $7.50 pp

    Deluxe 中国 Package: 白色 中国 Plates
    or Ivory 中国 Plates with Gold Rim or Square 白色 中国 Plates

    Includes your choice of flatware (银 Shell Pattern 餐具, Slim 银 or Slim Gold 餐具, 金锤餐具), Polyester or Shantung 亚麻布餐巾 in your choice of color and fold (choice of Triangle, 斜插袋, 口袋里, 瀑布, 矩形, 燕尾服或结褶)

    $6.50 pp

    Standard 中国 Package: 白色 Corelle Plates
    or 玻璃板s or 白色 Swirl 中国 Plates

    Includes 银 Shell Pattern 餐具, Polyester Linen Napkin in your choice of color and fold (choice of Triangle, 斜插袋, 口袋里, 瀑布, 矩形, 燕尾服或结褶)

    $0.50 pp

    Upgrade to 山东餐巾纸

    $0.50 pp

    Upgrade to 豪华餐具

    $0.50 pp


    $3.00 pp

    Glass Stemmed 水杯 with Water Service

    ($195.00 min for 40 Guests + $3.40岁以上每人00元)

    $1.25 pp

    Gold or 银 Charger Plates

    $1.50 pp



    $4.00 pp

    Our Personnel to service Client's Own 中国

    Our Personnel to service Client's 水杯

    ($130.00 min for 40 Guests + $2.40岁以上每人00元)


    $5.00 pp

    Includes Any Upgraded Disposable Plates, 银壳餐具 and 聚酯餐巾纸 in your choice of color and fold


    (包括餐盘), 沙拉碗, 白色, 黑色的, 清晰的, 银, 或黄金塑料制品, Large 餐巾纸)

    $1.50 pp

    Round 白色, 黑色的 or 清晰的 Plastic Dinner Plates, 沙拉碗

    $2.00 pp

    Square 白色, 黑色的 or 清晰的 Plastic Dinner Plates, 沙拉碗

    $2.00 pp

    Round Ivory with Gold Border or 白色 with 银 Border Plastic Dinner Plates, 沙拉碗, Gold or 银 Colored Plasticware, 餐巾纸

    $2.00 pp

    Round 白色 with Gold Lattice Border or 银 Lattice Border Plastic Dinner Plates, 沙拉碗, Gold or 银 Colored Plasticware, 餐巾纸

    $2.00 pp

    Square 棕榈叶 Dinner Plates, 沙拉碗 with Natural Biodegradable 餐具

    $0.75 pp

    Additional Pieces (Appetizer, Dessert Plates)


    Biodegradable Plates and 沙拉碗 with Biodegradable 餐具, 餐巾纸



    Heavy-Duty 白色, 黑色的 or 清晰的 Plasticware


    Heavy-Duty Biodegradable 餐具

    $0.25 pp

    银 Colored Plasticware

    $0.50 pp



    $2.00 pp



    $2.50 pp

    银 or Gold Slim 餐具, or Gold Hammered 餐具

    餐巾纸, 多种颜色可供选择

    (Includes folding of napkins in choice of Triangle, 斜插袋, 口袋里, 瀑布, 矩形, 燕尾服或结褶, setting on tables and bussing.)

    $2.00 pp


    $2.50 pp



    $1.75 ea

    with Biodegradable Disposable Plates

    $2.00 ea


    $2.50 ea


    Our servers will stay to cut and serve your Wedding Cake or other 甜点 to your guests. Includes trays, serving utensils, plates, forks, napkins, 清理, up to 1 hour staff time.


    Service of Client's Own Champagne or Sparkling Cider Service: Our servers will preset the glasses at the guest tables and be sure that everyone has Champagne in time for the toast, 和清理后!

    $2.50 ea

    With Glass Champagne Flutes

    $2.00 ea

    With Plastic Champagne Flutes

    $1.50 ea

    With Short Plastic Champagne Glasses

    $3.00 ea

    Wine Service at Guest 表 with 玻璃酒杯


    Includes Spring Water, Ice, and our servers to serve water at guest tables

    Glass Stemmed 水杯 OR Mason Jar Glasses with Handles

    ($195.00 min for 40 Guests + $3.40岁以上每人00元)

    酒吧租赁 (酒杯摆好)

    $1.75 ea


    $1.75 ea


    $1.75 ea


    $1.75 ea



    Standard service includes 1 - 1 1/2 hours of open buffet time and all necessary servers. (Set up and cleanup time is also included in price.)

    For additional time requested - such as for an extended open house, you may add:

    $150.00 每小时


    (Includes up to three crew members, amount may be adjusted if additional crew needed.)


    $8.00 pp

    Plated or Family Style Dinner Service

    ($520.00 min for 40 Guests + $8.40岁以上每人00元)

    Includes Plated 沙拉 and Dinner

    In Addition to 中国的服务 - Please See Above for 中国 定价

    $3.00 pp



    Set up or Break down of Venue / After Hours Clean Up

    Staff members available to assist in the set up or break down of your venue, before or after catering crew is on site (required at some venues)

    $150.00 每小时

    Can assist with set up of your tables, 椅子, 床单, 装饰, placement of party favors, 清理, 清理垃圾, 扫描, 拖把, gather and return items such as 床单, 饮料, 酒吧设备, pack client's gifts or other items.



    For above 30 minute travel time from Bekker's Kitchen.
    Varies depending on location and crew size.